4 tips to boost productivity as the year ends

Boosting productivity

As you race toward the end of the year, you’re looking at performance and projections, biting your nails to see if you reach your quarterly and annual goals.

Whether you’re almost to your goal or farther behind on your projections than you’d expected due to the unforeseeable challenges this year has brought, you’re likely trying to do everything in your power to end the year on a high note. However, the final quarter can also be a time where employees start to burn out or become distracted by the excitement of the holiday season.

So how can you ensure that you motivate your team to finish the year off strong and enter the new year more productive than ever? Here are a few tips that can steer you in the right direction.


Tools and technology can make all the difference when it comes to making tasks more efficient and streamlining entire workflows. One of the biggest wastes of time that companies face is having employees complete repetitive tasks that can be automated. That’s where online tools and software can come in handy. If you’re stumped on what kinds of tools your business could benefit from, here are some popular examples that efficient companies often utilize:

These types of tech solutions can make your employees’ jobs easier and cut out redundancy, which can have a huge effect on their overall satisfaction at work.


Happy employees are more productive employees. When employees feel more fulfilled in their work or more appreciated by management, they are more likely to pour more energy and enthusiasm into their daily tasks. Additionally, they will be more passionate about helping the company achieve its goals. But how exactly do you make your workforce happier?

There are many simple actions you can take to make your employees more satisfied with their work life. For starters, you could take a poll or ask them for ideas for how you can improve their work experience. However, some good starting points are offering perks like catered lunches and stocking the kitchen. You could also plan events that show your appreciation for their hard work and give them a little bit of a break. Team building activities are also a great way to help employees build relationships with their coworkers, allowing them to collaborate better and establish friendships that make coming to the office more enjoyable.

Boosting productivity


One way to quickly increase productivity is by hosting a competition. Competitions are great for motivation and they can inject a little fun into the work day. After all, who doesn’t like winning?

This tactic is especially effective for sales teams, but it can also be used as a productivity tool for other departments and goals. For example, you could have a competition between project managers for who can get the most websites launched within the month. Or, you could challenge your writing team to see who can write the most words in a month, increasing the likelihood that they’ll finish more projects than usual.

Getting creative with how you use competitions can motivate your team to succeed by working more efficiently and upping their productivity. You’d be surprised at the results you can achieve. Just make sure the incentive is worthwhile. For example, you could reward them with something as simple as a coffee or a lunch outing, or you could go as big as a cash bonus.


The environment you work in can have a major impact on your energy levels, comfort, and productivity, and the same applies to your employees. If it’s not something you’ve already thought about, you might want to consider making some additions to the office or even revamping the workspace to create a better environment for your employees. Not sure what kind of office improvements you can make? Here are just a few aspects to consider as you get started:

  • Aesthetics – Is the interior dull and uninspiring or fun and lively? Transitioning to the latter could boost productivity all on its own.
  • Workspace – Are employees clustered together tightly where they feel like they have no space? Are desks and chairs comfortable enough for all-day use? These are important factors to consider when you want your employees to stay as focused as possible on the tasks at hand.
  • Amenities – Do you have a welcoming and well-stocked kitchen? Is there a place for employees to step away from their desk and get a moment to clear their head? If not, consider starting with these aspects for meaningful improvement.

If some or all of your employees work from home, another way to look at this is considering whether remote workers are supplied with the tools they need to succeed—second monitors, laptops that actually work, etc.

While every business is different, these tactics have been used by many companies over the years to motivate their employees and increase productivity. As you approach the year’s end, think of how you can most effectively incorporate some or all of these recommendations to close out on a high note and start the next year riding on that successful momentum.


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