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Aimed at both first-time entrepreneurs looking to build a platform business and experienced C-level executives, the Covering Bases blog is a rolling commentary, including business strategies and useful information.

Artificial intelligence

IBM is focusing on AI more than ever

IBM released the latest IBM Watson AIOps last May, which uses AI to simplify the company’s ability to self-detect, locate, and respond in real-time to unforeseen issues in IT...

Financial Uncertainty

4 tips to overcoming financial uncertainty

Sometimes in life, it seems like everything moves too fast for your financial situation. You have a job, you pay your utility bills, you invested in a Roth IRA just like your dad s...

Business Hardship

4 tips for bouncing back from a business hardship

Hardships can affect even the most successful businesses. If you’ve recently suffered a major setback within your company, it’s okay to feel discouraged. While hardships can be tou...

Covering Bases Marketing Strategy

Discover the best ways to build word of mouth around your brand

In the latest edition of ‘Covering Bases’ we take a quick look at the basics of building your brand, outlining the basics that would work for most platforms, from onlin...

Ensuring standards are gold-tier

Ensuring your standards are continually gold-tier

Think about the nature of the products and/or services you offer in your online venture. Depending on the clientele you serve or what kind of service you offer, some mistakes in bu...

Work from home

6 fundamentals to make your home-based business work for you

Whether you’re currently bootstrapping your way to creating a successful business and so you’re working from home to keep costs low. Or perhaps you’ve always want...

Boosting productivity

4 tips to boost productivity as the year ends

As you race toward the end of the year, you’re looking at performance and projections, biting your nails to see if you reach your quarterly and annual goals.

Start a photography business

4 steps for turning your photography hobby into a business

Making the decision to turn your passion into a lucrative business opportunity is an excellent way to bring in extra income and pursue a career you will love. However, it is not wi...

Essential tax tips

5 essential tax tips for new business owners

Running a business is not easy. From putting in the hard work to turn your dream into a lucrative opportunity to keeping up with all the rules and regulations, it’s easy to feel as...

How to choose the best internet provider for your business

How to choose the best internet provider for your business

A stable internet connection is vital for the success of all businesses. It provides your company an easier way to deliver products, expand customer reach, and improve your client ...

New role

Do you want the same career in a post COVID world?

It goes without saying that this year has been really tough for businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen economic output drop substantially and the job losses and unemployment ra...

Zip files

Covering bases: What is a zipped file and how can it be opened?

If you download large files onto your computer, it’s only a matter of time before you come across a .ZIP file. And if you do, you might now know what to do next.

Successful teams

How to build a successful team

When you run a small business, you rely on your team. Your team is what helps you grow to new heights, achieve new goals, and tackle even the most intense challenges that your smal...

Vendor Management and Partenerships

Vendor management problems? Here’s your solution

No business can work entirely alone. Whatever market segment you serve, it is unlikely that your establishment can fulfill its mission without at least some assistance. Nearly ever...