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Aimed at both first-time entrepreneurs looking to build a platform business and experienced C-level executives, the Covering Bases blog is a rolling commentary, including business strategies and useful information.

Office Building

Covering Bases: Things you can do to ensure a smooth office relocation

Whether you’re moving because of business growth, or for new market reach, an office move is definitely a stressful experience. From the paperwork and moving boxes that pile up to ...

Tech Titans

US platform chiefs to testify before House antitrust panel later this month

The Chief Executive Officers of some of the worlds leading platform businesses,, Apple Inc, Google and Facebook will appear before a US House of Representatives panel o...

Registered Agent Services Texas

The benefits of using a Texas registered agent service

If you are starting a business in Texas, a Texas registered agent service offers many advantages. In Texas, they are also called commercial registered agents and their services off...

Start an LLC

How easy is it to operate an LLC in New York?

Starting an LLC in New York can be a relatively easy process – just like in any other state, but with a few add-ons, like publishing in a newspaper and already having a defau...

Myanmar Internet

Life in Myanmar under the world’s longest internet shutdown

Since Myanmar shut off the internet in two states a year ago, lawyer Oo Twan Hla, who was once able to check online when his cases were scheduled, said he must now travel through a...


Indian IT business spied on politicians and investors worldwide

A little-known Indian IT firm offered its hacking services to help clients spy on more than 10,000 Email accounts over a period of seven years.

Web Summit

Organiser of Europe’s largest technology event says it will go ahead, as planned

Europe’s biggest technology conference, the Web Summit, will take place in Lisbon in November as planned, its organiser said on Tuesday.

Taxonomy of the Platform industry

Platform economy: Defining a meaningful taxonomy

In this article we will attempt to do what few (if any) have successfully achieved. That is to define and map the entirety of the platform economy in a meaningful and logical way.

Covering Bases: hiring the right people

Covering bases: How to consistently hire the best and brightest

If your business is looking to succeed at any scale you will need to attract and then retain the the best employees. Employing the right people with the best available skill sets a...

Lifetime Value per Customer

Work to increase the average lifetime value of your customers

When running a start-up, it’s easy to get caught up in the rush acquiring and then welcoming your new customers to the business. Generating new business is always vital to any busi...

Office Time Management Software

Covering bases: 5 automation tools every budding entrepreneur should check out

In this latest ‘Covering bases’ article aimed at budding entrepreneurs, we investigate key automation tools centred around time management. Time is a currency we all us...

Budgeting and Taxation

Covering bases: budgeting mistakes you can easily avoid

Building a business from the ground up is no mean feat and it can be a huge challenge for many of us. If you are looking to build your own business this year and make sure it stays...

Small business finance website

Covering bases: have you invested enough in your e-commerce store

As part of our ongoing ‘Covering bases’ series of articles, aimed at folk attempting to build or launch a new bootstrapped dot-com business, perhaps in the wake of the ...

Small Business Finance

How to help your start-up bounce back from the COVID-19 lockdown

Covid 19 has been a difficult crisis for the majority of businesses to deal with, but especially for bootstrapped start-ups. So how can we pick ourselves back up after such a shock...