Siemens launches local power trading platform with German utility


German technology group Siemens and utility Allgaeuer Ueberlandwerk (AUEW) have established a trading platform which allows little rooftop solar energy producers to exchange electricity locally with other households and businesses.

The platform at the Bavarian village of Wildpoldsried, called Pebbles, is directed at keeping locally generated energy locally, by helping for example families with solar panels to market power to neighbouring businesses such as bakeries.

Utilizing blockchain technology to link participants via an app, it allows manufacturers to make money from marketing their excess production, the companies said, while dispersing power locally represents a more efficient utilization of the grid.

Germany’s energy market is moving towards integrating more renewable plants into decarbonise its own energy systems. As most generate only intermittently based on weather conditions, their volatility could place stress on transportation grids.

“If we want to achieve the energy transition, we have to get small protagonists on board and integrate them,” explained the project leader for Siemens, Michael Metzger, in a webcast.

Pebbles will initially operate around November 2021. Siemens delivered the technologies, while AUEW functions the platform and will create a high-value business model.

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Network business AllgaeuNetz is also studying grid-stabilising services that participants can provide to get money, such as installing batteries in their own houses to keep captured solar power.

Along with the technical difficulties of this green energy roll-out, tens of thousands of wind and solar manufacturers will no longer receive guaranteed fixed payments because of their output from next year as 20-year cost guarantees expire, and must look for alternative income.

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