Parler’s website is back online, but the app still not in stores

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The founder and Chief Executive Officer of the wildly popular social media platform Parler, which is popular with free speech advocates is back online in a strictly limited way. The controversial platform virtually vanished following the US Capitol building riot, posted a short message on the company’s website.

Parler’s app, however, remains offline.

“Hello world, is this thing on? ,” Matze asked in an article dated Saturday, posted over a note from the company stating the platform would be restored after challenges were solved.

A little more than a week ago, Apple frozen the Parler out of its App Store, shortly after Alphabet-owned Google banned it from Google Play. The app remains unavailable for downloading on both programs.

Jeff Bezos’ then suspended Parler out of its web hosting service, effectively taking the website offline unless it can find a new company to host its own services.

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Freedom of speech loving Americans, from libertarians through to supporters of sitting President, Donald Trump  have flocked to Parler, together with other apps like Telegram and social website Gab, mentioning the more aggressive policing of political opinions on mainstream platforms like Twitter and Facebook, which intensified following the Capitol riot on January the 6th.

The deplatforming of the social media app has led to heavy criticism of ‘big tech’ businesses and their enablers by sections of the US population, who view the actions against the platform as being politically motivated by a cartel of motivated authoritarians seeking to stifle competition as they become viral.

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