New season of ‘Fortnite’ is here, but iOS users miss out


Epic Games launched the new season of the mega hit video game “Fortnite” on Thursday, pitting Marvel super heroes against Fantastic Four-villain Galactus in the first upgrade to exclude iPhone and iPad users due to a legal struggle with Apple Inc.

Many users took to Twitter to complain about missing out on an otherwise exciting event for the international gaming community, while some raved about the latest version.

Apple has removed the game from its App Store after Epic Games challenged the company’s policy of taking a cut of purchases made within the app by enabling users to pay Epic directly at a cheaper price.

Dubbed “Nexus War”, the new version features Marvel characters including Thor, Iron Man, She-Hulk, Storm and Doctor Doom.

“This is absolutely insane,” Tyler Blevins said as he retweeted a trailer video of the game. Known to millions as “Ninja”, Tyler Blevins is one of the most-followed professional gamers in the world.

“Fortnite” and its early rival, Tencent-backed “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG), popularised an arena-style battle royale survival concept where 100 gamers are dropped on an island to fight each other to the death.

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“Fortnite,” which has attracted over 350 million players globally, is particularly popular among younger players and has grown into one of the few lifelines to the outside world for kids trapped at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Epic on Wednesday reiterated that it won’t remove the direct payment feature, a move that meant iPhone users won’t receive the most recent edition of “Fortnite”.

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