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FCC votes to maintain 2017 repeal of net neutrality rules

FCC - Federal Communications Commission

The US Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 on Tuesday to maintain its 2017 repeal of Obama-era net neutrality rules, even after a federal court led a review of some provisions of this repeal.

The 2015 web neutrality rules barred online service providers (ISPs) from blocking or slowing net content or offering paid “fast lanes”. Under President Trump, the 2017 FCC order granted ISPs sweeping forces to recast how Americans use the web, as long as they disclose modifications.

A federal appeals court in October 2019 largely upheld the FCC’s repeal of those rules, but purchased the agency to reconsider the repeal’s effect on public safety; regulations attachments to utility poles; and the FCC’s ability to provide subsidies for broadband services. The FCC majority opted to leave the order unchanged.

The net neutrality repeal was effective in June 2018. ISPs haven’t changed the way users access the internet, but consumer groups fear that they could proceed to increase prices or slow rates selectively for many clients.

“It is patently obvious to all but the most devoted members of the net neutrality cult that the case against the (net neutrality repeal) was a sham,” FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said Tuesday.

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ISPs and other advocates of this internet neutrality repeal say the rules have boosted investment. Consumer groups and other critics of this dispute the assertion that loosening net neutrality principles resulted in new investment.

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, a Democrat, said “this agency is not interested in getting it right. Instead, it doubles down, rather than recognizing the realities of the world around us.”

Democrats have made net neutrality repeal a campaign issue. Presidential candidate Joe Biden, who was Obama’s vice president is expected if he wins to designate an FCC chair who would proceed to would reinstate net neutrality.

Senator Ed Markey, a Democrat, said “without net neutrality protections, it’s just a matter of time before big broadband providers start raising prices, slowing down internet speeds, and making it harder for families, small business, and students to access the opportunities to recover and rebuild from this pandemic.”

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