Denmark angry at Google censorship of some Danish content

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Denmark, angry at Google’s increasing censorship of some Danish content over a debate over copyright, has stated it was seeking discussions with the Alphabet-owned tech giant.

Google removed all music by Danish artists on the Danish site of video streaming platform YouTube earlier this month, following failed negotiations on copyright with music licensing business Koda.

“Google also owes it to clarify on how and how much artists are paid and what they will do to ensure rights and a fair settlement.”

The Culture Minister of the Scandinavian nation, Joy Mogensen said she would encourage Google to a meeting with representatives of all political parties to discuss its “role in the Danish market”.

Google was not immediately available for comment.

Last week, Google also temporarily blocked an app on its digital store because it”contained depictions of tobacco, pipes and dangerous activities not suitable for children under 13″, according to Danish daily Politiken. Google lifted the ban a couple of days later.

Joy Mogensen said on Monday Google’s ban of the app, which streams content for kids produced by public broadcaster DR, was “transgressive”.

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