Apple to launch first online store in India next week

Platform News: Apple logo on a retail store window

Apple will launch its first online shop in India on the 23rd of September, coinciding with the country’s festive season that rakes in a number of their greatest revenue for retailers each year.

The company now sells its products in India through third-party sellers and e-commerce firms like and Walmart Inc-owned Flipkart.

India, with more than 1 billion wireless subscribers of which around a third rely on fundamental handsets, provides huge growth prospects for smartphone manufacturers, in addition to cheap labour to fabricate the devices.

Apple assembles several smartphones, such as the iPhone 11, in Foxconn and Wistron’s plants in two southern Indian states.

Through its online retail stage, Apple intends to offer assistance to customers in English and Hindi, while enabling users to engrave their iPads, Apple Pencil and Airpods from English and also in a couple of Indian languages, such as Bengali and Gujarati.

Before this week, Apple rolled out a digital physical fitness service and a package of all its subscribers, Apple One, focusing on solutions that are the backbone of Apple’s expansion plan and that cater to clients working at home during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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