Apple Korea proposes $84 million to support local SME’s

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Apple’s South Korean business unit has suggested measures to deal with antitrust concerns and provided to supply 100 billion won (approximately $84.02 million) worth of support programmes for small businesses, NewCo’s and others, the nation’s competition watchdog has said.

Apple Korea has been under investigation by the Korea Fair Trade Commission over allegations it abused its dominant position by forcing cellular carriers to cover advertisements and warranty repairs, the commission has said.

Apple has agreed to rectify “unfair” terms with mobile carriers as part of its proposal, the KFTC said in a briefing.

Apple Korea wasn’t immediately available for comment.

From the 100 billion won, Apple vowed to offer 40 billion won to build a centre to encourage research and development to Korea’s small manufacturers and 25 billion won to set up an”academy” to offer education to developers.

The regulator will close the case without finishing if Apple did anything illegal if it finds the proposed treatments reasonable after collecting public opinion.

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In 2019, Apple held an 18 percent share in South Korea’s mobile phone market, the home turf of Samsung Electronics, which controlled 65 percent of the current market, based on data from researcher Counterpoint.

Apple faces antitrust pressure in different countries. In March, French authorities fined Apple 1.1 billion euros (approximately $1.23 billion), stating the iPhone manufacturer was guilty of anti-competitive behaviour toward its retail and distribution network. Apple stated at that time that it would appeal to this conclusion.

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