Apple expected to unveil updates to Watches and iPads

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Apple will broadcast an event from its Cupertino, California campus on Tuesday where analysts expect it to show updated Apple Watches, iPads and other apparatus while booking an iPhone launching for following month.

Despite pandemic-related disruptions that Apple executives have said will push the release of the iPhone in to October, Apple has posted earnings that beat expectations for the previous two quarters powered in part by strong sales of work-from-home items such as iPads and accessories and laptops that pair with its flagship smart telephones.

While analysts anticipate an October event for iPhones, Apple teased at fresh watches using a “Time Flies” caption because of its Tuesday event invite sent last week, and analysts expect a new flagship Apple Watch Series 6. Apple has come to dominate the market for smart watches, with Strategy Analytics reporting in May which Apple had 55% market share as of the first quarter.

Because the opinion must be paired with an iPhone, analysts think it plays a strong role in assisting Apple retain customers, with longtime Apple watcher Gene Munster of Loup Ventures saying last week that the 9 percent of iPhone owners who currently have an Apple Watch could expand to 50% in the next ten years.

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Analysts expect Apple to dive deeper into health and fitness features with the watch. Bloomberg previously reported which Apple plans to unveil a new service offering virtual physical fitness classes where the opinion could play a role as part of a bigger bundle of content and solutions.

Some analysts also consider Apple might develop a means to feel changes in blood oxygen into its newest watches, building on wellness sensing capacities after adding a means to take measurements much like electrocardiogram with its Series 4 watches.

However, several notable Apple analysts and watchers haven’t confirmed the attribute. Apple’s wearables rival Fitbit introduced a way to measure changes in blood oxygen earlier this season.

Apple declined to comment on future products.

Analysts also expect Apple to unveil an update to its iPad Air, which sits between the high-end iPad Pro that has a 3D sensor for augmented reality content along with the base model iPad aimed at the education market.


Analysts also expect a fresh pair of over-ear headphones known as “AirPods Studio” to match the organisation’s AirPods and AirPods Pro radio ear buds, that have become runaway hits for the provider.

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“While AirPods Studio will be a rounding error in terms of revenue contribution, they represent yet another example of the company integrating a new product into its hardware-software ecosystem,” Munster wrote in a blog post a week.

Analysts also expect a pair of small devices called AirTags, meant to be attached to apparatus so their owners locate them using Bluetooth and other wireless detectors. Those devices will compete against Tile Inc, an independent company founded in 2012 that created a similar merchandise and has openly criticised Apple for putting roadblocks in its iPhone operating system that make products from third party developers harder to use than Apple’s own products.

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