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App Stores

Our latest news and analysis coverage of app stores and additional distribution channels for mobile and other smart apps.

Application Platforms

Our latest news and commentary on applications, covering closed development platforms, SaaS vendors and related online services.

Communication & Collaboration

The latest news and industry commentary on communication and collaboration platforms and the businesses building them.

Computing Platforms

From cloud hosting, PaaS and IaaS, through to Machine Learning and AI, this is our latest news and ongoing commentary on the cloud computing sector.

Covering Bases Blog

Aimed at first-time entrepreneurs looking to build a platform business, the Covering Bases blog includes topics relevant to the start-up journey.

FinTech Platforms

News and analysis of FinTech and financial platforms, ranging from payment processing and credit through to retail banking and investment services.

Gaming Platforms

Our ongoing news and analysis of the gaming industry, from console, desktop and mobile platforms through to virtual reality.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Our ongoing coverage of smart technologies, internet connected devices and objects able to collect and exchange data and the platforms that support them.

Media & Content Platforms

From streaming video platforms, through to content management, our latest news and analysis articles covering media and content platform businesses.

Members News

Read all the latest company news releases from members and partners of Platform Executive.

Mobile & Infrastructure

From government licensing through to ISP and infrastructure, this is our global news and commentary of all things 5G, mobile and telecommunications related.

Online Marketplaces

The latest news coverage of product and service marketplaces, ranging from broad and specialist e-commerce platforms through to classifieds and beyond.

Operating Systems

From mobile and desktop, through to server and virtualisation, this is our ongoing news and analysis coverage of the business of operating systems.

Search Engines

Platform Executive's ongoing news coverage of internet search engines, enterprise search vendors and specialised aggregation properties.

Sharing Economy

Our latest news coverage of the sharing economy, from on-demand transportation and accommodation, through to personal services and peer-to-peer finance.

Social Networks

Rolling news and analysis coverage of the major social networking businesses around the globe and the sector as a whole.

Technology Platforms

Ongoing news coverage and industry commentary for technology platforms, ranging from cyber-security through to cryptocurrency and beyond.

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