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GLOSSARY – A collection of acronyms and words designed to act as a reference for registered users. Personally, I like glossary content as it enables the end user to learn ‘on the f...

Developing a video content strategy

In order to have an effective video content strategy, the business will need to develop a roadmap outlining the coverage; the editorial direction; the aims; production; and the ana...

Studio set-up and video content creation

In this two page article we will look at setting up a small studio and then how to create effective video content for a portal.

Better visualisation and immersive content

In this part of our series on Contributor Payment Models we look at visualisations… and where this ongoing change is taking us.

Contributor payment models: investigating industry averages

Most editorial, particularly news-driven content, commentary and analysis is a conversation between the author and audience. The publisher could best be described as the conduit th...