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AI integrations for new platforms (part one)

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Imagine a platform that integrates a job search with audio presentation. For example, you as a member could ask the platform if there are any Director-level jobs going in Toorak. The platform would then respond back to you and potentially even talk to you about it via your mobile.

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Separately, imagine asking the platform what the latest industry news is; or to inform you what the company thinks of the latest product; and then have it read the results back to you using the authors (or curators) own voice, without the author/curator actually speaking the words.

Finally, imagine each member having a personally curated, including all the relevant jobs and news items… that is read to them whenever they wish.

This and a lot more is now possible by implementing the API’s below:


Utilising Lyrebird, will enable forward-thinking publishing businesses to transform all content ever written and featured on the website(s) into streaming audio, via podcasts. The beauty of Lyrebird is that you can train it (quickly and easily) to mimic any persons actual voice.

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Once you have transformed the content items into natural audio files then you can slice and dice the content to create numerous new products, including job descriptions instantly accessible to the audiences’ mobile phones, et alia.

This Montreal-based company is not currently commercial as it is still within the confines of the education sector… and well worth talking to. You might be able to API into them free.


A Chatbot is software which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods, often mimicking the behaviour of a human being. Chatbots are built in a similar way as web applications, meaning that the tasks can be divided into design, development and analytics. The Chatbot itself can be cross platform and utilise Email, SMS, messaging and other formats.

Integrate AI-based Chatbot functionality with both the subscription sales funnel; and the support/help desk page. This will increase conversions and (importantly) enable the business to better support overseas subscribers (and potential purchasers.

You should be able to get a rolling free trial for the software if you prepare a script. If not, the subscription is only small making this functionality a no-brainer.

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Members of the Board will be able to point you towards the best options here, as they are frequently used in property portals to generate leads for clients.