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AI integrations for a platform (part two)

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Below is a continuation of the AI integration series.

Platform news: Artificial intelligence AI


Google is currently in the process of opening up its cloud-based Machine Learning toolkit to jobsite and industry portal developers.

The jobs discovery engine would be an ideal solution to power the search function of the platform.

In-short, Googles Job Discovery engine provides plug and play access to search and machine learning capabilities, enabling the entire recruiting ecosystem – from company job-specific job sites; to horizontal and vertical job boards; and staffing agencies to improve engagement and conversion.

Each portal of our fictional business could integrate this low cost, pay as you go API solution into the platform.

Below is a key list (from Google marketing) that includes the following core functions:

KEYWORD MATCHING – As with traditional search.

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COMPANY JARGON RECOGNITION – Understands exactly what a ‘Grip’ does.

ABBREVIATION RECOGNITION – For example, ‘biz dev’ = business development.

COMMUTE SEARCH – Shows jobs that are within a 30 minute commute, or near public transportation to the users home location.

SPELLING CORRECTION – This functionality changes the spelling of misspelt words automagically.

CONCEPT RECOGNITION – Understands the difference between lighting and light.

REAL TIME QUERY BROADENING – This increases the scope of the search as per users’ preference.

EMPLOYER RECOGNITION – Searching for ‘YouTube’ returns jobs at YouTube rather than any job with “YouTube” in the description.

JOB ENRICHMENT – Enriching a job with full set of skills

LOCATION MAPPING – Street-level address mapping onto job listings.

LOCATION EXPANSION – Expands on location in the event of no results.

SENIORITY ALIGNMENT – Automatically allocated seniority of a role, which has historically been an issue.


Despite the fact that our example platform is responsive, it is worth noting that in terms of marketing, apps are notably cheaper to promote than websites.

It is therefore recommended that the business invests in creating apps for the following devices:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • iPad
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Noting much of the functionality we will be talking about, these mobile-friendly apps can be simply skins of the existing website. The key take-home message is, get them listed in the various app stores; and ensure that they work well.


Offering visitors to the website the ability to be notified of new jobs as and when they are posted is a great way of driving both repeat usage and list building for conversion later.

Job Alerts are typically delivered via the following methods:

  • SMS
  • Messaging and social
  • Toolbars
  • Email

The fictional portal business we are talking about on this website will rely upon Email and social as the primary methods of alerting those registered for the service.