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Online business networking strategies (for you as a brand)

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A few simple, yet underutilised Facebook marketing tactics can help your personal brand grow. In this brief article, rather than look at random strategies, we’ll look at the often overlooked top-level methodology.

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Finding out how to market yourself and in-turn your enterprise could be somewhat confusing. Between YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and the myriad of destination platforms, a marketer can develop a large following. A following that can then be monetised in any number of subtle, or unsubtle ways.

In many ways, multi-level marketing, is about the construction and maximisation of relationships. An individual may establish relationships and develop a list of like-minded individuals to whom he/she may introduce products, services, or even ideas by placing mention of them across the relevant channels.

To market on Facebook, you need to start by making your biography as intriguing and fascinating as possible. One way to achieve this is to invest a portion of time, say 20 minutes every day. Visit relevant groups to find likely cohorts and sign-up to those that you deem most likely to yield you an audience. For example, if you are interested in nutritional supplements, your target groups should be people who are health conscious, into personal fitness, et cetera.

Once you have joined the groups, start contributing to group-wide discussions. Submit posts that are real, provide values that are real, join in conversation threads. Basically, participate and add value. The more you contribute and interact to the community, the further your profile will stick out and be trusted. If in addition people find you inspirational, enjoyable and enlightening you will continue getting friendship requests, since you have become appealing.

Aim at adding 5 to 10 people every single day. Do not try to monetise your presence just yet. Allow at least one month before trying to pitch your opportunity. When you do pitch, be real. Be honest and do not over-sell. In the meantime you should endeavour to remain active in the community. Continue to contribute quality articles. You should join at least 5 well chosen groups, perhaps by asking the community what other groups you should join.

Most successful marketing experts have also discovered that it can help to contribute articles to high traffic fan pages.

It is vital that you do not attempt to force individuals within your sphere of influence on these platforms look at what you’re marketing. Instead, shape your approach so that individuals will feel like they have voluntarily chosen to click on a link. In the mean time continue to give more than you get from your group. Continue to brand yourself as a leader and also to build relationships inside the community.

As a consequence of the value you’ve given, and the goodwill you have built up, some members will favourably consider your opportunity. In either case, you would have built up a big list of like minded individuals to whom you can now market your opportunity, either using this same forum or in conjunction with some other strategies.