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Checklist for hiring employees

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Hiring the right people is vital to the well being of your business. Few things outside of the offering are more important.

To help you choose the right employees we have prepared a short and sweet checklist for hiring team members within your organisation:

Covering Bases: hiring the right people

  • Write a job description
  • Post the job internally and to your personal network
  • Contact and engage with a relevant recruitment consultant/agency
  • Place advert on your platforms website, on job boards and relevant social media channels
  • Accept resumes
  • Accept completed job applications
  • Screen applicants
  • Conduct a pre-interview questionnaire
  • Prepare interview questions
  • Conduct interviews
  • Complete applicant appraisal form
  • Call references
  • Perform any background checks
  • Find out about any trade secret or confidentiality agreements with former employers
  • Write the offer or rejection letter
  • Perform all necessary drug, skill, physical, psychometric and psychological tests prior to engaging
  • Memorialise the terms of employment and have the employee sign it
  • Have employee review and sign employee handbook, trade secret agreement and any other contracts
  • Introduce employee to training and orientation programs
  • Ensure tools of the trade are ready for day one
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