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25 tried and trusted methods to grow your business

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Below is a list of 25 methods of growing your business:

  1. Get to know your customers better by reaching out to them
  2. Talk to customers old and new about why they purchased
  3. Nurture existing customers and look for new opportunities
  4. Use social media to grow new audiences. If utilising paid campaigns, or programmatic, ensure targeting does not duplicate existing efforts
  5. Attend virtual networking events and ensure you have a presentation available
  6. Link building, maps and shopping search engines can be useful, especially if you are operating in consumer markets
  7. Host events offline, if possible
  8. Think about ways to innovate away from the competition
  9. Measure what works and refine your approach as you go
  10. Understand your target audience cohort
  11. Make your relationship with the customers as personal as possible
  12. Always be optimising your products/service and processes
  13. Brainstorm new ideas with others not associated to your business
  14. Invest the time to plan for growth. Keep the plan simple and execute well
  15. Carry a recording device around with you… and use it. The best ideas often come to you when you are doing other things
  16. Start a contest, competition… and repeat it. This isn’t just for marketing, its for product development
  17. Think ‘low hanging fruit’ and utilise a ‘fill in the blanks’ mindset
  18. Always be looking to improve your value proposition
  19. Partner with others to add value, sell more, or increase market penetration
  20. Use a CRM system correctly and to the maximum of its potential. Depending upon scale, it will likely be worth it
  21. Garner new ideas to market your business
  22. Keep a focus on your USP
  23. Understand why people buy your products/services
  24. Use basic gamification methods in order to generate data, understanding and motivate usage
  25. Finally, reach out to customers to give you reviews and citations. Word of mouth is great.
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