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Defining a corporate culture and values

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With the business both operating within emerging portions of the global economy I believe the business needs to ultimately define a set of values, which in-turn develop into a corporate culture.

Corporate Values and Culture

These values and this culture should be noted in the employee handbook for reference.


Below are the seven core values that I believe are relevant for this kind of dot-com publishing business.

  1. VALUE – We seek to offer value to our members and customers by helping them solve the problems and challenges they face
  2. RELATIONSHIPS – We understand that our business is built around the building and maintaining of relationships
  3. EXCELLENCE – We aspire to be the very best at everything we do; and we learn from our mistakes
  4. LEADERSHIP – We pride ourselves on our leadership within the spaces we operate
  5. TEAMWORK – We are passionate about collaboration and engagement
  6. COURAGE – We are entrepreneurial, we create tangible innovations and thus take risks
  7. SPEED – We operate at speed
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Remember, the values of the business both exist within; and define its overall culture.


It is my firm belief that a culture of a business equates to the collective personality of the organisation. Its culture is not just who we are as a company, but what we as a collective truly aspire to be.

For any business operating in multiple locales, potentially located within different States, different countries, maybe in radically different time zones the corporate culture is the *one big thing* will bind the business together.