Engagement metrics for editorial (KPI’s)

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Engagement metrics for editorial (KPI’s)

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In this series of articles we look at the key performance indicators for editorial and content production teams businesses operating within the platform and portal spaces should focus on.

Editorial KPI's

The various KPI’s range from range from social media performance metrics, through to production-based measures and beyond.

In this article we list the various metrics worth measuring relating to content engagement:

  • Average time on content item (by staff member)
  • Average time on content item (by contributor)
  • Average time on content item (by content type)
  • Average time on content item (by taxonomy/site)
  • New versus returning
  • Average time on site
  • Average bounce rate (by content type)
  • Average bounce rate (by staff member)
  • Average bounce rate (by contributor)
  • Average bounce rate (by taxonomy/site)
  • Average bounce rate (by source)
  • Twitter comments (by content type)
  • Twitter comments (by staff member)
  • Twitter comments (by contributor)
  • Twitter comments (by taxonomy/site)
  • Top Twitter comments (by volume)
  • Facebook comments (by content type)
  • Facebook comments (by staff member)
  • Facebook comments (by contributor)
  • Facebook comments (by taxonomy/site)
  • Top Facebook comments (by volume)
  • Instagram comments (by content item)
  • Instagram comments (by staff member)
  • Instagram comments (by contributor)
  • Top Instagram comments (by volume)
  • LinkedIn comments (by content type)
  • LinkedIn comments (by taxonomy/site)
  • LinkedIn comments (by staff member)
  • LinkedIn comments (by contributor)
  • Top LinkedIn comments (by volume)
  • Page views per session (by taxonomy/site)
  • Page views per session (by staff member)
  • Page views per session (by contributor)
  • Page views per session (by source)
  • Page views per session (by content type)
  • Page views per session (trend)

Other key performance indicators that we will measure in this series of articles focusing on success for content and editorial teams include the following:

  • Top-level Metrics
  • Content Production Metrics
  • Social Media Metrics
  • Conversion Metrics
  • Email and Newsletter Metrics
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