Editorial KPI’s: Email and newsletter metrics

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Outside of the key metrics we listed in a previous article, below is a list of relevant Email and/or newsletter metrics that any digital platform, or portal will want to measure.

Editorial KPI's

The individual metrics will likely be sourced from EmailLabs, MailChimp, or whatever Email broadcasting software you are using, along with your chosen web analytics package.

  • Subscriber universe
  • List sizes
  • Average open rate
  • Open rate (by broadcast)
  • Open rate (by date)
  • Open rate (by format)
  • Average CTR
  • Average CTR (by format)
  • Average CTR (by broadcast)
  • Best performing subject lines
  • Best performing subject lines (by broadcast)
  • Best performing subject lines (by list)
  • Visits generated (by link)
  • Visits generated (by content type)
  • Visits generated (by format)
  • Visits generated (by date)
  • Visits generated (by broadcast)
  • Page views per visit (by content item)
  • Page views per visit (by broadcast)
  • Page views per visit (by link)
  • Average page views per visit
  • Average bounce rate
  • Bounce rate (by broadcast)
  • Bounce rate (by list)
  • Average unsubscribe rate (by list)
  • Average unsubscribe rate (by date)
  • Average unsubscribe rate (by broadcast)
  • Number of SPAM complaints*

* No matter what you do, you will always receive a limited number of spam complaints from recipients and ex-members.

Other KPI’s that we measure in this series of articles focusing on measuring success for content teams include the following:

  • Top-level Metrics
  • Content Production Metrics
  • Social Media Metrics
  • Conversion Metrics
  • Engagement Metrics
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