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Choosing content types for your platform (part one)

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The type of content that works best for a platform depends very much upon the audience expectation and industry requirement.

Content types

For example, a vertical industry platform aimed at the screen arts would likely want to feature reviews of movies and television either from a technical standpoint, or on an artistic basis.

The example business outlined in this book covers the emerging technology space so has an entirely different requirement.

Take time to think about the precise challenges professionals within your target industry face.


Below is an outline of each emerging technology portals specification, complete with a brief description and specification of the content sets:

PRODUCT NEWS – The latest news relating to product/services within the target vertical. This kind of content can be sourced from corporate press releases and care should be taken to ensure that the article is more than 350 words in length, but also is rewritten.

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The content manager needs to be vigilant with this, especially if the content is produced offshore.

COMPANY NEWS – Corporate news and filings. Again, this can be sourced from corporate press releases and newswires. When writing each entry should be checked for uniqueness.

Each entry should have some level of commentary about it so that it has some content. Context and commentary are key.

INDUSTRY NEWS – News that relates to either the industry as a whole, or from education establishments. These articles are of relatively high value and should be longer in length and offer significant value to the reader.

For our example business, this is perhaps the most important content as it centres the portals on the industry they are covering.

R&D NEWS – The latest industry research and development news from the education and foundation space. This kind of content is important to the portals as it highlights the direction the industry is travelling. The subjects themselves can be sourced from academia, from PhD papers, interviews and press releases.

COLLATED NEWS / BLOG – News collated by the editor and sourced from around the web. This is a commentary on other sources news. The content acts as a round-up from external sources and ensures that the portal does not miss anything significant within the industry.

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INDUSTRY PROFILES – In-depth profiles of the industry vertical, broken down by country, region or as a whole. The reports will feature market size and key fundamentals for the industry.

Each of the initial thirty (30) Industry Profiles, broken down by country and/or region will be created for $300 by an offshore content partner prior to launch. This will support the subscription-based content set of the portals.

COMPANY PROFILES, INCLUDING SWOT’S – A profile of all companies operating within the sector. Each company profile features an overview of the business, history, products and services, subsidiaries, financial performance and a SWOT analysis.

Initially, each SWOT analysis will be produced on-demand by an in-house team, with a 48 hour turnaround time.

Each Company Profile, excluding the SWOT analysis would be unique created via a content partner for $200.

An estimated 200 company profiles will be acquired prior to launch in order to support the subscription-based content set of each individual portal.

RESEARCH STORE – Buy research reports via the report store. The report store features not only self-branded reports, but also third-party reports provided by generalist R&A providers.

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The business will take a revenue share of each report purchased via the store. The revenue share percentage can vary between 50-70 per cent to the producer, depending upon negotiation.

KNOWLEDGE BASE – Produced in article format, this section features portions of reports and research data sourced from our platform that each portal release to the greater industry.

This content will include tables and metrics and is of high importance to the proposition.

DEALS DATABASE – An updated daily feed of all the latest R&A news and deals within the sector. This content type is simply a reuse of existing Company News content and could be programmatically managed and displayed by company, by date and by taxonomy in a dashboard format.