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Assorted supplementary content ideas

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Below is a list of additional content types worth investigating, depending upon the type of offering your platform has:

Content types

GLOSSARY – A collection of acronyms and words designed to act as a reference for registered users.

Personally, I like glossary content as it enables the end user to learn ‘on the fly’ without mistaking definitions. This is one of the reasons why I have included a glossary within this book.

JOB BOARD – International in scope, the job board features all job listings relevant to the sector. Posting to the board is initially offered for free, but with plans to charge at a later date.

Each job posting should try to be unique. This is obviously difficult as recruiters often post jobs using an XML-based feed. However, the fact remains, the more original jobs-based content appearing on the property the better.

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COMMUNITY – Account and subscription management functionality for all registered users. This also enables paid users to market themselves effectively to the network by allowing threaded messages, discussions and more.

EDUCATION COURSE FINDER – A search-based facility listing all the latest degree, post-graduate and professional qualifications from around the world relating to the vertical.

SUPPLIERS DIRECTORY – Marketing profiles of businesses that supply the vertical. These storefronts enable suppliers to advertise the products/services they offer to the resident audience.

DAILY NEWSLETTERS – A daily summary of all that happened the previous day in the sector.

DIARY – This is a weekly ‘what’s on’ guide to the industry. This is an often overlooked form of strategic content. As a result this content would not only be published in textual format, but should also be within a weekly video production.


The following table outlines the individual content types and user access permissions:

Content Matrix