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Studio set-up and video content creation

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In this two page article we will look at setting up a small studio and then how to create effective video content for a portal.



The following items are needed to successfully set up a studio to record video, podcasts and daily vlogs:

  • HD video camera
  • Sony Vegas Pro 14 editing suite
  • Overlay graphics
  • Intro files
  • Outro files
  • Chromakey background
  • Basic lighting rig
  • Snowball microphone

The total cost of this would be around AU$1,500, so in terms of initial outlay, quite affordable.


Once you have a studio set up as you wish you may want to experiment with content production techniques. One of the main issues will likely be how to best perform in front of the camera.

Some folk will like to prepare notes, a script even. Others however ill ad lib entirely.

The sample script included in the next section of this book could be inserted into either free, or premium teleprompter software.

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The British manufacturer Autocue has a great software version of its teleprompter.


OK, one of the projects I’ve been working on recently is a next-generation membership platform covering verticals within the emerging tech space… and as I have a webcam and studio set-up now I thought I would post my thoughts on the coming AI revolution… and how this subject will define the future of the more advanced economies in the world.

As some of you know, I have a keen interest in the business of AI.

Indeed, certain product innovations I’ve looked at implementing with the platform involves aspects of AI, both in terms of the presentation of our proprietary structured data; ……..through to voice-based machine learning, via the excellent Lyrebird API.

In terms of upcoming implications of AI, it’s very much a rabbit hole. The more you information you garner about potential timelines; the more you realise that there is little agreement in business or academia. For something so fundamental; and potentially species defining, I believe we need to better understand all the relevant risks and rewards.

Regarding risks, let’s talk about a few.