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How to write and visualise an investor-friendly business plan

In this members-only post we’ll look at how to create and present a business plan. Much of the content that you view online is simply wrong. The people writing the posts have...

COVID Investment

Pitching a business in the middle of a pandemic

We are in the midst of a pandemic. A pandemic that here in Australia, with its continual curfews and lockdowns at least seems to have no end on the horizon.

Future focus

25 tried and trusted methods to grow your business

Below is a list of 25 methods of growing your business:

Presenting your NewCo

12 rarely noted tips for pitching a NewCo

Over the course of my career managing a business Incubator in London, I was pitched by a ton of founders. The pitches were often heavy in detail around the product and a bit chaoti...

Organisation-wide goals for a business

The goals listed below are examples of the kind of strategic goals Boards and/or Executives set. These have been compiled so as to help speed the creation of your planning docs and...

Directors liability insurance (a brief checklist)

Each and every business will have its own specific requirements relating to liability insurance. Below is a sample list of questions to ask yourself to determine if your start-up b...

Checklist for hiring employees

Below is a short and sweet checklist for hiring employees within your organisation: Write a job description Post the job internally and to your personal network Contact and engage ...

Editorial KPI’s: Conversion metrics

As part of this series focusing on editorial and content-based KPI’s, we look at the entirety of the metrics a business will need to look to measure. These range from social ...

Corporate strategy for your business

It is vitally important to start any business off on the right foot. This means positioning.

Thoughts on corporate philanphropy

Strategically, it would be wise for any industry membership business to outline to its users its inherent belief in and support of the industry it serves. This is a theme I will re...

Brief notes on a customer driven strategy

The fast pace of change within the internet economy reinforces the need for continual and progressive innovation in order to prosper.

Defining an operational strategy and core competencies

The example business we outline on this website will need to implement best practices across personnel, recruitment, work processes and company procedures in order to ensure legal ...

Defining a corporate culture and values

With the business both operating within emerging portions of the global economy I believe the business needs to ultimately define a set of values, which in-turn develop into a corp...

Constructing a team (or) defining the team make-up

One of the factors in success in the creative industry such as digital publishing is the hiring of the right type of people. You can massively improve the odds on you succeeding if...

New product development

New product development (NPD) can be best explained and broken down in the following way:

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