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COVID Investment

Pitching a business in the middle of a pandemic

We are in the midst of a pandemic. A pandemic that here in Australia, with its continual curfews and lockdowns at least seems to have no end on the horizon.

Developing a suitable succession plan

When you have decided to exit the business, good succession planning will assist you in successfully transferring your organisation to any new owner. If you develop a fantastic suc...

Introducing the ‘Bootstrap Business Plan’

When investor sentiment goes south a successful entrepreneur will often look to create an alternative business plan where they rely upon themselves for any/all financing. This is c...

Organisation-wide goals for a business

The goals listed below are examples of the kind of strategic goals Boards and/or Executives set. These have been compiled so as to help speed the creation of your planning docs and...

Directors liability insurance (a brief checklist)

Each and every business will have its own specific requirements relating to liability insurance. Below is a sample list of questions to ask yourself to determine if your start-up b...

Corporate strategy for your business

It is vitally important to start any business off on the right foot. This means positioning.