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An overview of editorial KPI’s

In this article we will focus on the top-level metrics that can be used to measure the effectiveness of content production on any content-based platform.

Editorial KPI’s: Production metrics

As part of this series of articles we are looking at how to measure the effectiveness of content and/or the editorial teams.

Editorial KPI’s: Social media metrics

If your platform, or portal is content-driven then social media engagement is increasingly becoming the most important aspect of driving audience and sales to the platform, or port...

Editorial KPI’s: Conversion metrics

As part of this series focusing on editorial and content-based KPI’s, we look at the entirety of the metrics a business will need to look to measure. These range from social ...

Editorial KPI’s: Email and newsletter metrics

Outside of the key metrics we listed in a previous article, below is a list of relevant Email and/or newsletter metrics that any digital platform, or portal will want to measure.

Engagement metrics for editorial (KPI’s)

In this series of articles we look at the key performance indicators for editorial and content production teams businesses operating within the platform and portal spaces should fo...

An introduction to content strategy

Historically, producing content has proven to be an expensive business.

Assorted supplementary content ideas

Below is a list of additional content types worth investigating, depending upon the type of offering your platform has:

Choosing content types for your platform (part one)

The type of content that works best for a platform depends very much upon the audience expectation and industry requirement.

Evergreen content and covering the bases

Evergreen content is best defined as content that is always relevant to the end user, be they a member of the property, or not.

Developing a video content strategy

In order to have an effective video content strategy, the business will need to develop a roadmap outlining the coverage; the editorial direction; the aims; production; and the ana...

Studio set-up and video content creation

In this two page article we will look at setting up a small studio and then how to create effective video content for a portal.

Better visualisation and immersive content

In this part of our series on Contributor Payment Models we look at visualisations… and where this ongoing change is taking us.

Introducing a new contributor payment model (part two)

The old model meant that the writer will likely only get paid for the article if it is read by a predetermined (and inevitably huge) number of eye balls, which means that for the m...

Introducing a new contributor payment model (part one)

First and foremost most publishers have an in-house team of journalists and content producers. In addition to the in-house team, most publishers use external contributors to garner...

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