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How to write and visualise an investor-friendly business plan

In this members-only post we’ll look at how to create and present a business plan. Much of the content that you view online is simply wrong. The people writing the posts have...

COVID Investment

Pitching a business in the middle of a pandemic

We are in the midst of a pandemic. A pandemic that here in Australia, with its continual curfews and lockdowns at least seems to have no end on the horizon.

Developing a suitable succession plan

When you have decided to exit the business, good succession planning will assist you in successfully transferring your organisation to any new owner. If you develop a fantastic suc...

Introducing the ‘Bootstrap Business Plan’

When investor sentiment goes south a successful entrepreneur will often look to create an alternative business plan where they rely upon themselves for any/all financing. This is c...

Organisation-wide goals for a business

The goals listed below are examples of the kind of strategic goals Boards and/or Executives set. These have been compiled so as to help speed the creation of your planning docs and...

Key success factors for a platform or portal business

If you look at the key factors that potentially dictate success, or failure for businesses operating in the digital publishing space, you can then gauge what you need to do in orde...

Defining an operational strategy and core competencies

The example business we outline on this website will need to implement best practices across personnel, recruitment, work processes and company procedures in order to ensure legal ...

The need to diversify revenues

In this the second part of the 6 part series looking at (editorial) contributor payment models we outline the need for publishers to diversify revenues and not become overly relian...

An example of a SWOT Analysis for a platform business

The SWOT Analysis of the fictional company offers a focused, neutral insight into our example portal business and its positioning within the greater digital media landscape.

Outlining a platforms financial model

In this extensive nine article series I will outline the core principals behind modelling a business from a financial and operations perspective.

Building a monthly travel page in a financial model

The ‘Monthly Travel’ page is perhaps the quickest worksheet to put together and simply outlines how the business performs on a monthly basis, taking into account the various costs ...

The individual subscription financial model

The first model proper we are building for this example portal business is the ‘Individual Subscriptions Model’.

The financial model for a corporate subscription, or membership portal

In the previous article in this series we looked at the Individual Subscription Model. Having completed that model, we will now look at the separate (and distinct) ‘Corporate...

Financial models for content and product sales

Moving on from the two paid subscription models we looked at in the previous articles within this series, the ‘Report Sales’ worksheet outlines the various report produ...

Building a financial model for advertising inventory sales

The particular financial model we are looking at in this article within our series is inventory-based advertising.

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