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Mini Review of CloudFlare

CloudFlare was founded in 2009 and operates in the application performance optimisation and security spaces.

Newsletter writing and production tips

Whatever your business model, a regular newsletter is always going to be a strong tool for getting your message out there. It is a highly efficient way to disseminate helpful infor...

An overview of editorial KPI’s

In this article we will focus on the top-level metrics that can be used to measure the effectiveness of content production on any content-based platform.

Editorial KPI’s: Production metrics

As part of this series of articles we are looking at how to measure the effectiveness of content and/or the editorial teams.

Editorial KPI’s: Social media metrics

If your platform, or portal is content-driven then social media engagement is increasingly becoming the most important aspect of driving audience and sales to the platform, or port...

Editorial KPI’s: Conversion metrics

As part of this series focusing on editorial and content-based KPI’s, we look at the entirety of the metrics a business will need to look to measure. These range from social ...

Editorial KPI’s: Email and newsletter metrics

Outside of the key metrics we listed in a previous article, below is a list of relevant Email and/or newsletter metrics that any digital platform, or portal will want to measure.

Better understanding your audience

As with all membership, or circulation-based businesses our fictional portal business will need to understand its audience as much as it can. Some of this understanding can be sour...

The (partial) myth of SEO

When I first started my journey back in mid-1996, I owned an Search Engine Optimisation business… one of the first in the UK. I was entirely self-trained in the dark arts, learning...

Avoiding mistakes in your audience development activity

Many of the avoidable mistakes listed in this article could be classified as ‘smoke and mirrors’ and aimed at tricking either auditing businesses, in the case of large scale proper...

An overview of audience development strategy

The definition of ‘audience development’ is fluid and (at present) not defined particularly well.