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Key success factors for a platform or portal business

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If you look at the key factors that potentially dictate success, or failure for businesses operating in the digital publishing space, you can then gauge what you need to do in order to increase the odds for success.

Cutting the fat to find success

Whilst each of the following points are self-explanatory and will be visited systematically throughout the website, I have also included a brief description of them below in order to set a guide for the project:


The platform and all usage-based products should be well designed, easy to use, learn and offer the correct functional specification accessible to the market.


Industry operators require a skilled workforce both in terms of platform development and content production. This ensures that the product is available to the market.


A business relying on revenue from a subscription-based product must protect its core IP to ensure that the product and/or content cannot be accessed for free elsewhere.

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Defining an operational strategy and core competencies


Any business publishing on the internet should provide significant value to its end user in terms of quality, variation, timeliness and cost effectiveness.


A membership platform aimed at professionals working within niche industry verticals should only target those relevant to the business.