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Newsletter writing and production tips

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Whatever your business model, a regular newsletter is always going to be a strong tool for getting your message out there. It is a highly efficient way to disseminate helpful information about your company and its products/services.


Here are eleven ways in order to make it work to you:

  1. Write a newsletter which has a relatively narrow focus with regards to content. Readers are your audience. Your audience is your potential customers (or actual customers). They demand distinctive, in-depth information that will help them achieve their goals and/or solve problems
  2. Publish your newsletter on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis and then stick to the schedule. Automate if you must
  3. Make sure your newsletter is succinct and full. This can be the most crucial tip of all. Newsletter advertising only works if you’ve an informative newsletter which provides significant value to readers. Remember, its a product. Your product.
  4. Distribute your newsletter. e-newsletter promotion became very popular, but you still ought to produce a hard copy you could distribute at conventions, trade meetings, seminars alongside other promotional events
  5. Make certain people can subscribe to your newsletter. You also need to post every issue of your newsletter in a Portable Document Format format on your website. You’ll find that many visitors will go back to your website to read the latest issues
  6. Provide opportunities for a range of people to subscribe to your newsletter. Including clients, co-workers, business partners, family and friends members. Let them know about a newsletter and how they can be benefited by it
  7. Distribution. Whenever your Email distribution list becomes large, consider utilising a newsletter distribution service. You’ll find a host of possible providers by typing email newsletters into any internet search engine
  8. Use graphics whenever possible. Research shows that individuals are more inclined to read your newsletter if it’s compelling graphics related to the newsletter subject
  9. Ensure that the delivery of your newsletter is as high as possible. To do this, ensure that your Email broadcast software has delivery reporting
  10. Understand the industry averages. The numbers you need to understand include opening, reading and clicking for both your industry and whether you are B2B or B2C. The numbers can be very different
  11. Proofread everything. Read again and then re-read the content, just to be sure. This is an essential step because you’ll lose credibility if a newsletter has spelling, grammar or factual errors. Ensure you get a facts straight and have a reliable colleague proofread it as well
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