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Editorial KPI’s: Production metrics

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As part of this series of articles we are looking at how to measure the effectiveness of content and/or the editorial teams.

Editorial KPI's

One aspect of this is actually the content production function within a business.

Below is a list of some of the key metrics worth considering when attempting to garner and benchmark content production efforts:

  • Total content items produced
  • Content items (by staff member)
  • Content items (by contributor)
  • Content items (by content type)
  • Content items (by taxonomy/site)
  • Average words per article (by author)
  • Average words per article (by team)
  • Average words per article (by content type)
  • Average words per article (by taxonomy/site)
  • Monthly content items (by staff member)
  • Monthly content items (by contributor)
  • Monthly content items (by content type)
  • Monthly content items (by taxonomy/site)
  • Average cost per content item (by staff member)
  • Average cost per article (by contributor)
  • Average cost per article (by content type)
  • Average cost per article (by taxonomy/site)
  • Total cost of production
  • Total cost of production (percentage breakdown)
  • Average value to the business (by staff member)
  • Average value to the business (by contributor)
  • Average value to the business (by content type)
  • Average value to the business (by taxonomy/site)
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Other metrics that we measure in this series of articles include the following:

  • Top-level Metrics
  • Social Media Metrics
  • Conversion Metrics
  • Email and Newsletter Metrics
  • Engagement Metrics