A quick guide to sales funnels

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For example, the following methodology could be used:

Start by creating a product that will act as a lead magnet. This product could be a free report, or a high quality newsletter. Something that is of good value to the potential customer.

Now create a tripwire product. This could be a time-limited free trial subscription to the platform.

Once you have created your tripwire product then introduce it to the recipients of the free report. You can do this both via Email and via the free report product itself. The aim is to convert all free report recipients into free trial subscribers with the minimum of fuss and as elegantly as possible.

Now, you have converted the free report recipients into time-limited free trial subscribers you need to introduce and then convert them to the main (paid) subscription product. You can do this effectively by both Email, remarketing and by actual usage the product. Remember, the platform utilises a Metered Paywall, so the conversions will likely be largely self-selecting.

As you have probably already realised, the beauty of this model is that the time-limited free trial offer is merely a tripwire version of the main product we are attempting to market.

Analyse, experiment using A/B, or A/B/C testing and then tailor the effort to return the best possible results. This in itself will likely be an ongoing process over the duration of the business lifecycle so take your time and keep moving forward.

THE DOWN SELL PRODUCT – If the potential purchaser abandons the purchase during the process then offer the lead a different, more attractive offer… perhaps a percentage off, or a reduced term membership.

You can potentially utilise a well set-up Re-marketing campaign to help you here.

SALES PAGE(s) – The sales pages are designed to present and then complete the transaction. They have only one aim and that is to convert the visitor into a customer.

Again, do not complicate. Keep the process as simple and elegant as possible in order to reduce the number of potential subscribers/customers you lose during the transaction.

As with other steps, remember to integrate re-marketing campaigns into the source code of the pages.

NETWORKING PAGE – At the end of the registration process an optional page exists where the new registered user can import his/her address book and thus immediately increase the marketing reach of the platform.

How you motivate the new subscriber/customer depends upon the product specification. It could be anything from accessing a complimentary product for free, through to future discounts and free trial offer for friends and/or colleagues.

It is certainly worth your time thinking about how you would motivate the user to help you market in this way.

THANK YOU PAGE – This is (potentially) the last page of the sales funnel and is used as a way of introducing the now subscriber to the product and/or community.

It is however a great page in which to offer a Tripwire product, such as an additional subscription, or product. Brilliant opportunity to upsell additional synergistic products.

EXAMPLE SALES FUNNEL – This is an example of a sales funnel for a subscription-based business:

Sales Funnel

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