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Explainer: Why is Alibaba listing in Hong Kong?

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is set to price its first share sale in Hong Kong next week, raising up to $13.4 billion in what will be the largest deal in the city since 2010 and the world’s biggest ever cross-bor...

Should governments regulate social media platforms, as a means to prevent election manipulation?
ByteDance sign

China orders ByteDance’s Toutiao to fix search, saying national hero smeared

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s internet regulator ordered ByteDance news app Jinri Toutiao to clean up its search engine, saying the search function threw up “slanderous” information on a late Communist Party military leader.

Poor left behind

‘Digital revolution’ excluding the most vulnerable, world leaders told

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – From tackling diseases to improving transport, technology like data and artificial intelligence has unleashed a wave of opportunities, but those still exclude society’s most vulnerable citizens, accor...


Huawei, ZTE ‘cannot be trusted’ and pose security threat – U.S. attorney general

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Huawei Technologies Co and ZTE Corp “cannot be trusted,” U.S. Attorney General William Barr said, labelling the Chinese firms a security threat as he backed a proposal to bar U.S. rural wireless carriers from ...

Amazon Gov Contract

Amazon challenges Pentagon’s $10-billion cloud award to Microsoft

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Inc on Thursday said it is contesting the Pentagon’s award of an up to $10 billion cloud computing deal to Microsoft Corp, expressing concern that politics got in the way of a fair contracting process.


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Google Anti-trust

Google antitrust probe to expand into Android – CNBC

(Reuters) – The several dozen attorneys general investigating advertising practices at Alphabet Inc’s Google are planning to expand their antitrust probe into the unit’s flagship Android business, CNBC reported on Thursday, citing p...

Dont just concentrate on profit

Focus on people as well as profit, business leaders told

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Consumers have the power to make companies behave better and look beyond the bottom line, business leaders and activists said on Wednesday, urging a “race for the top” on social responsibility.

Big Tech

Where U.S. presidential candidates stand on breaking up Big Tech

(Reuters) – In the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, America’s big tech companies are being challenged on many fronts from across the political spectrum, from antitrust concerns to their policies on political ads and ensuring elec...

China kicks off work on 6G research, state media say

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China has officially started researching sixth-generation telecoms technology, state media reported on Thursday, a move it described as aiming to promote the latest wireless innovation.