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Rakuten raided by anti-trust officials

Japanese anti-trust officials have raided the offices of Rakuten Inc after complaints from online merchants. The complaints against the Tokyo-based e-commerce platform relate to a new free shipping policy due to come into effect in March.

Should governments regulate social media platforms, as a means to prevent election manipulation?

Nintendo CEO says it has no plans for a new Switch in 2020

The Chief Executive Officer of Nintendo Co. Ltd, Shuntaro Furukawa has stated that the gaming company has no plans to launch a new version of its wildly popular Switch gaming device in 2020.


Facebook restricts employee travel to China amid Coronavirus concern

Facebook Inc has become one of the first US technology companies to ask its employees to suspend any and all non-essential travel to China. They hope to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, also known as known as 2019-nCoV, to employees of the com...


Apple hits back at the European Union over universal charger proposal

Apple has hit back against European Union lawmakers renewed call for a common smartphone charger, warning the move could hamper innovation across the industry.


Apple CEO Tim Cook calls for overhaul of corporate tax

Interested to read that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has acknowledged that the global corporate tax system needs to be overhauled, thus becoming one of the first CEO’s of major tech businesses to endorse potential changes to global rules.


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Macron and Trump agree to tariff truce in digital tax dispute

The President of France has tweeted that he had a “great discussion” with President of the United States, Donald Trump over a digital tax that France had been planning. The Emmanuel Macron went on to state that “we will work together on a good ...


Alphabet’s market cap hits $1 trillion

Shortly before close of trading on Thursday, Google’s parent company Alphabet became the fourth S&P component to hit a market cap of $1 trillion. It ended the day trading at $1,451.70 per share, up 0.87 percent.


Amazon will invest $1 billion in digitising SME’s in India Inc’s founder Jeff Bezos has stated that will invest $1 billion in digitising small and medium-sized business across India. Additionally, it expects to export $10 billion worth of India-made goods by the year 2025.


Using Huawei in UK 5G telecoms infrastructure ‘would be madness’

Senior US government officials from the US National Economic Council and National Security Agency presented the UK government with new evidence on Monday about what it sees as risks of including Huawei Technologies equipment in the future 5G mobile n...