Editorial Statement

The three things you will likely notice about Platform Executive are (1) the writing style of our team; (3) our 3rd party editorial content; and (3) the nature of our content sets. In terms of our internally produced content, I make no apology for writing content using my style and voice, which could be described as direct and ‘no nonsense’. 

Our content sets have been produced or curated in a way to best offer insight and ideas to drive tangible innovation for senior executives either already operating within, or looking to operate within the platform and portal sector.

Format of this website

In terms of the format of the website, it is radically different to most with the aim of enabling the Executive, or entrepreneur to efficiently find the information they require and garner the required understanding from it.

Many of the ideas expressed within this little corner of the web have symbiotic, or synergistic relationships with the other concepts. I have attempted to keep the relationships between the relevant ideas as clear as possible.

In order to demonstrate the ideas and concepts the content outlines a fictional platform business, operating across a select number of emerging technology verticals.

It is likely that the sectors the casual reader, or subscriber will be looking to service with your real business will be different from these. This should not matter too much though as the methods and ideas are easily transferable. This website has been written so as to be as relevant to entrepreneurs and senior executives looking at launching a portal covering automotive, financial services, logistics, or pretty much any other notable vertical as it is to the emerging technology space.

The example business we talk about

The example business we often talk about on this property is a network of subscription-based premium industry intelligence portals, or ‘vortals’ as they are sometimes known. Powered by artificial intelligence and proprietary data, each individual portal services high-value global emerging technology verticals, ranging from genomics and alternative energy through to space technology and virtual reality.

The business features products and functionality that will be both revolutionary for the business of content; and massively scalable into just about any industry vertical (or horizontal).

This business operates within the membership economy and additionally sells premium R&A reports, advertising solutions and marketing services.

I hope you enjoy the site!


Platform Executive