SVOD market share for the UK and Australian markets

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In terms of the streaming providers, the United Kingdom and Australia differ significantly from the US, with well funded local players having a substantial usage in mature SVOD marketplaces.

In terms of  subscribers, Disney+ gained +1% in Q2, putting the margin to 2nd place Prime Video at 8%. Netflix remains the market leader, but the top 3 platforms have begun to dominate in the UK, holding 77% of the streaming market.

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Market share development in 2022

Disney+ has seen the most growth, adding +3% since January. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video each earned +2% in the same time. Now TV and Sky Go have been negatively affected by the growth of the 3 giants, dropping -1% each.

UK Streaming 2

SVOD market shares in Q2 2022

In the streaming battle between global and local providers in Australia, global giant Netflix is the clear winner at 28%, which is 3x bigger than local player, Binge. At the same time, Disney+ is slowly closing in on Prime Video for 2nd place with only a 4% margin between the streaming giants.

Streaming Australia 1

Market share development in 2022

Gaining +4%, Amazon Prime Video solidly claims the most growth midyear 2022. While Stan incurs a loss of -2%, Disney+ chases the rising trend and manages to snatch up +2%. This goes the same for Netflix which also grew by +1% by the end of June.

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