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Introducing our catch-all data and analysis round-up, the ‘Grey Data Blog’

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HomeGrey Data BlogIntroducing our catch-all data and analysis round-up, the 'Grey Data Blog'

In this new (free to access) section of Platform Executive website we aim to curate some snippets of data we have gathered whilst working on other projects. Because of this, the name we have given the section is quite apt.

This is the ‘Grey Data Blog’.

Over the coming days, weeks and months you can expect to see much data on both ‘Big Tech’ and the significant new players across the platform economy.

Additionally, we will take a helicopter view of the sector and thus include some general economic and usage statistics. Statistics that are often either difficult to come by, or horribly incorrect.

As part of the coverage we will also be benchmarking notable businesses against the industry verticals and marketplaces in which they operate in our mission to garner fresh perspectives.

One week we will look at online marketplaces in the United Kingdom, the next we will look at future projections for the app-based delivery sector in Singapore, or global communication platforms.

As with all of our content, we promise we will not pull punches when discussing our opinions on the numbers and trends we report. We will attempt to add value, insight and prognostication into how we interpret the information we present. In-short, we will tell it how we see it.

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The team at Platform Executive hope you have enjoyed this Grey Data Blog article. Automatic translation from English to a growing list of languages via Google AI Cloud Translation. Reporting by Rob Phillips.

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