Forecasting LinkedIn User Growth for 2021-22

Grey Data Blog: LinkedIn User Growth

Over the past decade LinkedIn has been growing at a steady and predictable rate. However, this rate has been accelerating since Microsoft formally concluded its acquisition of the social network platform.

The number for Q1 of 2021 is a stand-out and shows an increased momentum, probably due, in part, to COVID-19 lockdowns and resulting macroeconomic factors.

We believe that our prediction of 836 million users by the end of 2021 is a conservative number. With the growth trajectory seemingly accelerating, it is possible that the number could exceed 900 million, with the one billion milestone being within reach sometime in early 2022.

The prediction is based upon this increased growth, but tempered by China and potential impacts policy shifts could have towards the platform.

Due to its business model, near monopoly within the professional networking space and ‘deep pockets’, we believe LinkedIn will continue to be one of the most significant social networks over the next decade. The numbers are mind-blowing. Almost 60 million business entities are listed on the network, with staffing numbers.

One future development that could be interesting, if they can pull it off, would be to enable staff to render an organisation chart. This is especially valid for large and more complicated conglomerates, where multiple staff member in multiple departments have similar job title, but may be poles apart in terms of where they sit within the corporate hierarchy. For example, ‘Marketing Director’ could be for the entire group, yet  Chief Marketing Officer could be for just a single business unit within the group.

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