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Streaming Stats

SVOD market share for the UK and Australian markets

In terms of the streaming providers, the United Kingdom and Australia differ significantly from the US, with well funded local players having a substantial usage in mature SVOD mar...

Market shares of streaming services for the second quarter in 2022

It’s that time again, with the Q2 subscriber reporting now in. Lets take a few moments to analyse where each of the major players in the US market stands.

Streaming Wars

Streaming Wars: Global SVOD Market Share (Updated)

With the rise of Disney+ and the recent financial and subscriber woes of Netflix, lets update the current state of play, including all the major (global) players.

Social media users

18 social media platforms, by active users

Social media and networking continues to be one of the most significant methods of communication for the majority of Internet users in the world.

Grey Data Blog: LinkedIn User Growth

Forecasting LinkedIn User Growth for 2021-22

Over the past decade LinkedIn has been growing at a steady and predictable rate. However, this rate has been accelerating since Microsoft formally concluded its acquisition of the ...

Streaming Wars: US SVOD data

Streaming Wars: SVOD market share in Q2 2021

The subscription video on demand (SVOD) market has experienced massive growth over the course of the past 18 months, with the COVID-19 global pandemic, along with discounted offers...

Grey Data - Big Tech

Deciphering ‘Big Tech’ R&D spend via the numbers

With this first article, as part of our new free to access data-based section, we have chosen to look at the top-level numbers of ‘Big Tech’ businesses, namely, Amazon,...

Grey Data - Poll Results

Poll: Big Tech should NOT receive legal protections under Section 230

Over the course of the last few months, we have been running two distinct polls asking questions about the current legal protections offered to ‘Big Tech’ and platform ...

Grey Data Blog: Global internet usage to 2031

New research: Global internet access will max out in 2031

Back in 1995, when I first started participating in bulletin boards and various other forums that were emerging across the Internet, there were 16 million users of the Internet, wh...

Grey Bata Blog

Introducing our catch-all data and analysis round-up, the ‘Grey Data Blog’

In this new (free to access) section of Platform Executive website we aim to curate some snippets of data we have gathered whilst working on other projects. Because of this, the na...