Interim Executives & Temporary Management

Platform Executive offers staffing solutions for both start-ups and the more mature dot-com businesses that require high skilled executives during times of change, transition, or transformation.

Whether you are a new start-up business looking to gain momentum, or a more mature dot-com business unexpectedly requiring high performance, specialist executives during strategic change, transformation or transition, we have a reliable ‘best in class’ solution.

Our interim management solutions are designed around your challenges, requirements and platform industry knowledge.


  • Leadership – We provide you with an immediate solution to address any gap in your leadership, be it at CEO, executive, or in management. This is usually required following an unexpected change within the organisation
  • Specialist requirement – We provide you with the required expertise to address a specific problem quickly and effectively
  • Growth – We provide you with the unique industry knowledge and experience to enable the growth priorities within your business, whether it is audience, tech scalability, or commercial
  • Transformation and change management – We provide you with both the leadership and roadmap to both plan and execute strategic and operational change.
  • Project management – We provide you with the project leadership, experience and savvy to salvage problematic projects, whatever their scale and complexity
  • Innovation – We provide you with leading platform professionals to drive new ideas and tangible innovation to your enterprise

Our network of interim executives specialise in functions ranging from leadership, operations and project management, through to marketing, content and software development. Executives and temporary managers can often be in place within one week, thus addressing any gaps or issues your business might experience from the change.

Please note: Our interim executive and temporary management services are currently only available to businesses operating out of Australia and the United Kingdom.

Further Information

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