Our mission is to democratise access to premium research and analysis

That’s why we create products that enable entrepreneurs to access premium content, on their own terms.

The Platform Executive business has been founded by entrepreneurs to help entrepreneurs and senior executives to innovate, build, launch and grow their businesses. We are passionate about platforms and the platform economy.

Our products and services are designed specifically to help solve the key challenges.

Our Roadmap

In order to improve industry understanding, we have decided to be transparent about how we see Platform Executive developing over the coming months and years.


  • Business plan
    Creation of a business plan and financial model
  • Funding
    Initial seed funding secured
  • MVP
    Platform creation to minimum viable product
  • Content
    Version one of the Knowledge Base created and the first interactive templates created
  • Dashboards
    Metrics dashboards created and integrated into the CMS


  • Integrations
    Bi-directional integration with SalesForce CRM and MailPoet via connectors
  • New Content Sets
    A number of interactive templates and calculators created, along with v2 of Knowledge Base
  • SaaS Tools
    Integration of initial 60 SaaS benchmarking tools
  • Hiring
    Initial recruitment activities, including account management function
  • Commercial
    Initial commercial products launched
  • New Languages
    Publishing of Platform Executive content into 16 additional languages


  • Audience Development
    Limited audience development activities begin in order to populate freemium (jobs) and premium subscriptions
  • Video
    Creation of a studio and video channels
  • Apps
    The development and launch of iOS and Android Apps
  • More SaaS
    Integration of more SaaS tools, aimed at performance and benchmarking
  • More Content
    Increase in the volume of content, including dedicated editorial and commentary and v3 of the Knowledge Base
  • Premium Content
    Premium market research and industry analysis reports
  • Career Database
    Database of job descriptions and salary rates


  • Mapping
    Global platform industry mapping, including start-ups
  • Hyper-Growth
    Substantial audience development activity, aimed at the core potential audience
  • Personalisation
    Interactive Knowledge Base v4 launched, complete with regional specialisations and R&A dashboards
  • M&A
    Synergistic product acquisitions

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