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Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are some frequently asked questions and relevant answers regarding membership of Platform Executive, usage and our subscription products:

Can I subscribe to your newsletter without joining?

Yes, you can subscribe to our newsletter without joining Platform Executive. However, it is worth noting that much of our content will be accessible only for registered members.

I am interested in investing in Platform Executive

If you are interested in investing in the Platform Executive business, then please feel free to get in touch. You can contact our Founder and Chief Executive, Rob Phillips via the our Investor Relations page.

Where are you located?

Platform Executive is primarily based in Melbourne, Australia. However, we have contributors based throughout the United Kingdom, Canada, India, Australia and the United States.

Why cant I view your content?

Platform Executive is a membership-based business supporting businesses and entrepreneurs looking to plan, launch and/or grow a business operating within the global platform economy. To view some content items you will need an account. To become a member, please click here. If you are a member, but cannot login then please contact us, here.

Do you do consulting?

Yes, we offer what we consider ‘tangible’ consulting to individual businesses and entrepreneurs looking to launch products in the platform space. To view our specialisations, please click here.

What is your Knowledge Base and how do I access it?

The Knowledge Base section of Platform Executive consists of a growing number of hard to find content items designed to help solve business-related problems for organisations. The content set includes everything from editorial and useful templates and checklists and How to guides. To gain access to the content you must either become a member, or login to your account.

What membership packages do you offer?

Platform Executive offers four membership types, dependent upon the size of your business. These range from the Entrepreneur-level subscription which is aimed at those looking to get started in the platform economy, all the way up to Corporate, which is aimed at established businesses with up to 100 employees. We also offer a separate subscription to our Platform Accelerator, which is aimed at those seeking significant reductions to our consulting services.

How do I report bugs to you?

You can report website bugs by completing the form found on the contact us page. When submitting the report please mention the device, browser and browser version you are using. All will help us identify and fix any issues quickly and efficiently.

How do I propose a partnership with you?

For any and all business development and/or partnership requests please complete the partnerships form on the website. We will get back to you within one working day. Areas where we are looking for partners include R&A, content sets, directories, industry mapping, ML and software development. The form can be found here.

How do I contribute content?

In order to contribute to the Platform Executive website and reach thousands of professionals working within the global platform economy all you have to do is submit a content proposal to us. We are always on the look out for high-value content sets. Additionally, we are looking to feature our members stories and learning, including interviews with Executives.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes, we accept credit card payment for all subscriptions and products/services offered through our platform. We use the Stripe payment gateway to process payments.

What kind of refund do you offer on memberships?” Our membership is monthly and auto-renews. You can cancel your account with us at any time and not be billed again. In addition to this, we offer a 15-day money back guarantee on your first months subscription.