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Welcome to Platform Executive

Our mission is to democratise access to the knowledge economy.

We build research and analysis products aimed at both first-time founders and serial entrepreneurs serious about building and growing businesses and staying informed as to the latest developments in their industry.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we publish hard-to-find free and premium content in English, which is then categorised using our platform taxonomy and translated using artificial intelligence into a number of additional languages, including the following:


Our members can benefit from the Knowledge Base content library. This growing 250k word content silo offers hard-to-find information, how to guides, tips and insight articles, designed to help you ideate, launch, grow and manage your business.

Various tools and services have been created especially, including the following:

  • Academic research database
  • Spreadsheets, workbooks and business models
  • Assorted templates and files
  • SaaS benchmarking tools
  • US & UK journalists database
  • Global funding database (coming soon)
  • Peer-to-Peer Q&A service
  • Guaranteed news coverage
  • Global recruitment directories
  • Industry glossary

Advisory & Consulting Services

We offer report-writing, premium analysis and advisory services to both members and non-members alike:

  • Start-up advisory service
  • Audience development
  • Business modelling
  • Innovation and change
  • Commercial development
  • Product development
  • Platform scalability
  • Interim management
  • Platform SWOT reports
  • Company SWOT reports
  • Industry insight reports
  • Bespoke projects

We are with you for the journey.

Whether you are an NewCo exploring an idea, or an established corporate seeking growth, a change in trajectory, or industry insight, we have the tools and knowledge to help.

It is our business to help your business.