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From ideation through to exit strategy, Knowledge Base is designed as a resource to enable our members to find solutions to the myriad of challenges faced when building a platform business.

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Covering Bases - The Blog

1 Platform Economy: Small Business Finance

How to create your own business with minimum investment and right from home

We live in the times when the Internet and technology offer a variety of opportunities to start successful businesses right from home. So, if you decide to create your business with minimum investments, we are here to assist you.

2 Cutting the fat to find success

Cutting the fat and finding success

Whether you’re starting your first business or are an experienced entrepreneur, you should understand how important it is to keep costs and overhead as low as possible while still being able to provide the service you need.

3 Corporate Slang, Phrases and more

The 120 most annoying business phrases and buzzwords of 2021

When I started this list of buzzwords, I had every intention of making this a semi-serious look into the vague and often annoying world of office speak. However, after about 20 minutes of writing this article, it became impossible to keep the desired...

4 Activism

What happens next when societal changes hit the workplace?

Today, the second most popular e-learning course on LinkedIn, which is the largest and most heavily trafficked English-language business-oriented website in the world is ‘Unconscious Bias’.

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