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1 Deep Fakes and misinformation

Deep fake used to attack activist couple highlights the new disinformation frontier

Oliver Taylor, a student at England’s University of Birmingham, is a twenty-something with brown eyes, light stubble, and a slightly stiff smile.

2 Wall Street

Why investors now worry about tech stocks

Some investors are getting increasingly worried about the outlook for technology and big growth stocks after a massive rally which has pushed the Nasdaq Composite index to record highs despite the coronavirus-inflicted economic damage.

3 Office Building

Covering Bases: Things you can do to ensure a smooth office relocation

Whether you’re moving because of business growth, or for new market reach, an office move is definitely a stressful experience. From the paperwork and moving boxes that pile up to a business you still need to run, it’s easy to lose track of everythin...

4 Tech Titans

US platform chiefs to testify before House antitrust panel later this month

The Chief Executive Officers of some of the worlds leading platform businesses,, Apple Inc, Google and Facebook will appear before a US House of Representatives panel on July 27, the committee have announced in a statement.

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