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Explainer: Why is Alibaba listing in Hong Kong?

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is set to price its first share sale in Hong Kong next week, raising up to $13.4 billion in what will be the largest deal in the city since 2010 and the world’s biggest ever cross-border secondary listing.

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ByteDance sign

China orders ByteDance’s Toutiao to fix search, saying national hero smeared

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s internet regulator ordered ByteDance news app Jinri Toutiao to clean up its search engine, saying the search function threw up “slanderous” information on a late Communist Party military leader.

Poor left behind

‘Digital revolution’ excluding the most vulnerable, world leaders told

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – From tackling diseases to improving transport, technology like data and artificial intelligence has unleashed a wave of opportunities, but those still exclude society’s most vulnerable citizens, accor...


Huawei, ZTE ‘cannot be trusted’ and pose security threat – U.S. attorney general

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Huawei Technologies Co and ZTE Corp “cannot be trusted,” U.S. Attorney General William Barr said, labelling the Chinese firms a security threat as he backed a proposal to bar U.S. rural wireless carriers from ...

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1 Server spec

Servers and software used (version 1)

We are a relatively new property, with a ton of CPU and memory intensive functionality. Our functional spec is based around the serving of content, e-commerce transactions and membership management. Additionally, we have high resource software based ...

2 Cloud IaaS

An insight into our hosting set-up

We have recently moved from the dedicated server hosted in Australia, over to the cloud primarily based in San Francisco. So far so good. Certainly, I am loving how easy it is to manage Digital Ocean’s IaaS VM’s. I like to think of this iteration of ...

3 Google Stadia

Google is testing its own version of Live Gold

Reports highlight that the Silicon Valley titan has begun testing ‘Google Stadia”, an upcoming game streaming service that requires separate game purchases.

4 Series B

German FinTech start-up raises $30m

The business-to-business invoicing and payments platform company Billie has successfully raised €30 million in Series B funding. Leading the round was Creandum, who were joined by SpeedInvest, Picus and GFC.

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Platform ExecutivePodcast One: The Introductory Broadcast


Should governments regulate social media platforms, as a means to prevent election manipulation?

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