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Our mission is to democratise access to the knowledge economy

We create products that enable businesses to access hard-to-find insight and advice, on their own terms

Company Reports

Detailed competitive intelligence reports on 10,000 leading corporates

Business Models & Plans

Hard-to-find models and planning tools to help start and grow your business

Knowledge & Advice

Problem-solving databases, information and advice from industry experts

Tools & Templates

SaaS benchmarking tools and interactive business templates

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Instant access to 10,000 company profile and SWOT analysis reports

Gain access to a growing suite of business models, interactive templates and tools

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Exclusive content, including problem-solving databases and free reports

Confidential Peer-to-Peer business advice and insight service, designed for start-ups

Earn unlimited discounts on our proprietary reports by contributing to the community


Participate in a global network, where content is automatically translated into your language


Basic features and limited access to a selection of our content sets
  • 10,000 SWOT analysis reports
  • Download business models
  • Interactive templates & models
  • Peer-to-Peer advice service
  • Save on our advisory services
  • Access the knowledge library
  • Download a sample report
  • Take advantage of offers
  • Participate in the community


$ 195 per seat / month
Access to our full suite of content, including all 10,000 company reports
  • 10,000 SWOT analysis reports
  • Download business models
  • Interactive templates & models
  • Peer-to-Peer advice service
  • Save on our advisory services
  • Access the knowledge library
  • Access all reports
  • Take advantage of offers
  • Participate in the community

Our solutions, by job function:

Company Reports

Premium members gain FULL access to 10,000 company reports, with each featuring a SWOT, PESTLE, Porters, CATWOE, MOST and 5C analysis.

At 1.25 billion words, this is arguably the most comprehensive business analysis database in the world.

Featured Companies

Business Executive recommending SWOT, PESTLE, Porters Five Forces, CATWOE, MOST and 5C analysis reports

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SaaS tools, business models and advice

Knowledge Base

Problem-solving database and library of academic papers.

Business Models

A collection of business models and hard-to-find workbooks.

Ask the Experts

Peer-to-Peer Q&A sessions with experts offering informal advice.

Interactive Files

Download Excel, Word and PowerPoint templates and files.

Build a Report

Company Reports

Aimed at non-members, the heavily customisable offline version of our SWOT analysis reports start at just $195 and are delivered as PDF's.

Dotcom Reports

Bespoke strategic profiles covering more than 800 leading dotcoms and tech platform businesses. Delivered to you as a PDF report.

Covering bases

The start-up advice blog

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Over the past few years, the global COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses large and...

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Solar power has become an increasingly popular choice for businesses as it provides...

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Advisory Services

Product Development

From ideation through to roadmaps and release planning, we identify the opportunities and value throughout the product lifecycle.

Interim Management

Interim recruitment solutions for dotcom’s that require executives and managers during start-up, scale, transition, or transformation.

Innovation & Change

We help business innovate on product, operations and strategy. Our solutions are based on achieving measurable innovation.

Commercial Development

If your commercial model is based around e-commerce, advertising, subscriptions, or services, we can help you scale revenue.

Audience Development

From planning through to execution, our full service audience development offering can help propel your business to the next level.

Start-up Advisory

Advisory services designed for entrepreneurs, NewCo's and start-up’s looking to build, launch, or grow a platform-based business.

Business Models

We build and optimise business plans and business models in order to increase the potential to raise capital, or optimise strategy.

Competitive Intelligence

Bespoke competitive analysis projects to increase your competitiveness within the industry, identify opportunity, or develop a powerful USP.