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From ideation through to exit strategy, Knowledge Base is designed as a resource to enable our members to find solutions to the myriad of challenges faced when building a platform business.

Covering Bases: the start-up journey

1 Graph Maker

Types of graphs and how to choose the right one for your data

So many graphs and so little time to test your data’s visuals after you’ve input them. Thankfully, most industries have their version of the best chart-making practices. All you have to do is copy their design and data hierarchy principles; tha...

2 Branding

5 steps to create a unique brand identity

Your brand identity matters. In fact, your brand identity is something you have to develop before you can expect your small business to grow. Brand identity is something you develop and create with thoughtful planning, built around effective strategi...

3 Netflix Streaming app

Factors that can help make your streaming app as successful as Netflix

Are you interested in making a video streaming app just like Netflix? But do you know whether it is ideal for you to make one? Let’s see why it is ideal for you to start a streaming app.

4 Platform Economy: Small Business Finance

Never forget the importance of numbers to your business

Optics and positive sentiment are great, but at the end of the day are merely secondary drivers. A cool brand identity and state-of-the-art offices will maybe help you recruit and retain staff; and win accolades, but they not get you the win either.


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