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From ideation through to exit strategy, Knowledge Base is designed as a resource to enable our members to find solutions to the myriad of challenges faced when building a platform business.

Covering Bases: the start-up journey

1 Platform Economy: Small Business Finance

Why you should use payroll software

Payroll is a pesky side of the business for managers because it is essential, yet time-consuming administrative work. This is the kind of work that can take up many hours within the day just to stay on top of, preventing you from working on other tas...

2 Platform News: 5G and data transfer

What you need to know about getting a mobile plan

Our mobile phones are an indispensable component of our daily routines, serving as anything from a calendar to a bank card to an Email client, to a camera to a phone and a personal trainer. As a result, the stakes are high in relation to picking the ...

3 How To Build Your Brand In 3 Easy Steps

How To Build Your Brand In 3 Easy Steps

Your company’s brand identity is its heart and soul. It influences the audience’s perception, differentiates you from the competition, and is the driving advocate of your operations. Therefore, building a solid brand that resonates with y...

4 Online Presence

7 ways to grow your company’s digital presence

Modern business owners have a huge task on their hands trying to beat the competition and get in front of the 5 billion people that are now online.


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